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Use your Nokia as external GPS receiver

You have Nokia phone with built in GPS.
You have a notebook or a tablet with no GPS.
How can you use your Nokia as external GPS receiver?

It is simple using software called Symarctic ExtGPS

The price of the software is only €1.00 and you can find it here:


ExtGPS Screenshot 1


Symartic ExtGPS is a application that allows you to use your Nokia S60 3rd Edition mobile phone as an external USB or Bluetooth GPS receiver for PC or Macintosh. It transmits GPS location information in NMEA format to a connected computer. You can use it with Google Earth, Google Maps and other applications that require positioning.

This utility can connect to any Windows 7/XP, Mac OSX or Linux based computer/laptop and share the built-in GPS module of your S60 device with it. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase a separate GPS receiver for use with your desktop computer or while traveling with your laptop. Very suitable for civil engineering and similar jobs.

To use your Nokia like external GPS receiver via USB connection to your notebook, tablet or desktop computer:

  • connect your Nokia via USB in PC Suite mode
  • start ExtGPS and accept both security dialogs (for positioning and connectivity)

ExtGPS Screenshot 2

Instructions how to use it via Bluetooth connection are here

Supported phones: Nokia E51, Nokia E51, Nokia E71, Nokia E72, Nokia E5, Nokia E6, Nokia E7…

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