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Access your PC Desktop from iPhone/iPad

You want to access a Windows application from iPad without sitting by your desktop PC or notebook? Ever wanted to have control over your PC from bed using iPhone? Here’ simple how to access PC from iPhone or iPad. Among several apps on this topic in iTunes, there’s app which is pretty useful and free,

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GSMArena Battery Life Test [combined]

Famous cell phones website GSMArena.com is doing heavy battery life tests on some of the top class smartphones. So far they’ve tested several phones, and we’re trying to combine and compare the results. Here are cumulative charts for tested phones: Nokia N9 Apple iPhone 4s Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro Samsung Galaxy

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Ultimate iPhone battery life tip – 100% working

If nothing helps and your iPhone battery still lasts just several hours, here’s the ultimate tip, the final trick, something which is product of long experience, leaked well kept secret from Apple laboratory… Follow this tip and your iPhone battery can last more than 4 days! Use your iPhone less There is a real life,

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iPhone Longer Battery Life Tips & Tricks

Not even that iPhone battery life is getting shorter with every newer model, it’s that even new iOS updates are draining your battery (Apple admitted battery life issues with iOS 5 which are solved in iOS 5.0.1 update) You can do something to make your iPhone battery lasts longer following these tips: Reset Network Settings

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